Jeffrey E. Mayr

Charming college kid from Boston with a mean twinkle in his eye


Jeffrey possesses raven black wavy hair, a long levant nose, and the small frame of the Mayrs. His eyes and eyebrows are a bit droopy, which only serves to make his condescending smirk more effectful. His face consists of smooth curves and describes an inverted triangle, with a somewhat weak chin. His facial hair is enough that he has to shave every day for a dark shade not to appear over his jaw and chin. He is considered a 7/10 by people who are interested in his sex.

While his stature is not great, his hands are more rough than what you’d expect to see on an academician.

Jeffrey dresses sharply and has got a sassy bounce to his steps. He parts his hair to the right, and suppresses the waves until it spills over the sides of his head, using plenty of hair products.

While Jeffrey did his best to keep himself neat in prison, he was careful not to appear vain. With the release on FBI’s order, he is now yet again able to express his vanity.

Friendly. Jeffrey’s friends find him confident, witty and single-minded. He is quite a good friend but tends to play with the emotions of those around him and joke maliciously about them. Neither is he a shoulder to cry out on, but is considered to give good advice. He is helpful and generous with favours, but will remind and ask for favours in return.

Neutral. If you don’t know Jeffrey, you make your mind up pretty fast. He talks a lot and does not ignore people, and might even mock (in a mild way) people he doesn’t know.

Notwithstanding this teasing, Jeffrey is inclusive, courteus and calm. He aligns very well with the mainstream in most issues and tries to remain detached. He is even-tempered, but sometimes you have seen the adrenaline rush to his eyes. He has yet to act in a wrothful way, however.

Unfriendly. Jeffrey’s detractors call him self-absorbed, condescending and manipulative. If you don’t like him, his habit of joking makes him look like a bully and his helpfulness is obviously selv-serving. His appearance screams narcissism and his empathy is false and hollow.

Habits. Jeffrey tends to groom uninterruptedly, always putting a lock in place here and there. He also suck his teeth, so his face is often stretched one way or another.

Specialties. Even though he’s the stereotypical brat who’s been pushed through college in a wheel barrow filled with daddy’s money, he has an uncanny knack of getting along with rough types and blue-collar workers.


The family Mayr is one of the more wealthy families in the tri-state area, and have their fingers in many cookie jars. They’ve only been in the new country for three generations and like to think of themselves as having a certain continental elegancy.

Jeffrey went to Cornell and obtained his JD in six years. He doesn’t talk much about his past life, only paints it as boring with a lot of studying and such. You initially assume that it was filled with champagne and strawberries and limos. He’s mentioned that he has worked a lot in the harbours and factories in the family’s possession, and you can see that his hands are not as slender-limbed as you’d expect.

Why was he in prison? Well, it’s a “silly misunderstanding from back in college”. Apparently, an unlikely combination of unfortunate events was such that he got convicted of first-degree murder. Mhmm. He considers himself a victim of circumstances.

Jeffrey E. Mayr

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