Gyles Merchant

British sociopath good at "getting things done"


Merchant was a great right-hand man. During the seven years he spent as a professional extortionist, briber and illegal trader, the corrupt London corporate mogul who took him as a protege never had reason to complain. Whenever the boss needed something fixed, Gyles saw to it, either with his wit or hired thugs. Given enough funds, everything can be bought, even human beings. The slave trade brought Gyles to New York and during his two year long visit his tentacles have reached far into the underworld as well as the local government. Everything was going according to plan until that fateful day when he let his feelings take control over him. How could he have known that the cult who wanted to buy those young carribean virgins would be offended by a simple ‘No’? When Gyles gets out of this shithole, he’ll be sure to never let something as pathetic as “pity” or “empathy” rule his decisions again.


Gyles Merchant

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